Seamless Gutter Installation

GuttersSeamless gutters means there are no joints to leak. Our gutters are custom-made on the premises to fit your home. We use only the heaviest gauge (.032″) aluminum coils for your gutters Your seamless gutters are installed with hidden hangers, which are fastened with screws.

The finish on the materials is warranted not to blister, flake, chip, crack or peel for a period of twenty years. As with all our installations, we warrant our workmanship to be free from defect for a period of five years.

Key Benefits

  • No need to repaint year after year.
  • Aluminum doesn’t rust like galvanized steel.
  • Aluminum is lighter than steel.
  • We use hidden hangers with screws instead of nails. Screws are less likely to come loose and don’t require a hole in the face of the gutter system.
  • With no seams except at the corners you can be sure that there will be no leaks.
  • Gutters are offered in 14 different colors, which are baked on for a long, beautiful appearance. All finishes are guaranteed for 20 years to insure a long-lasting, beautiful finish.
  • 5″ and 6″ aluminum seamless gutters
  • Seamless guttering provides a more uniform appearance.

Copper Gutters

Copper GuttersCopper gutters and zinc gutters are often out of the price range for most homeowners. Copper gutters can cost up to three or four times more than aluminum or steel gutter systems. Within the gutter trade, copper gutters and zinc gutters are referred to as “exotic” metals.

Yet . . . Copper is a gorgeous metal that patinas to a rich green or brown (depending on whether you live in a coastal or inland location) and will give your new custom home undisputed bragging rights—though at a five-figure cost. Copper prices have been quite high in recent years. And because the metal is so expensive, you’ll need a skilled specialty gutters installer who makes no mistakes and wastes no copper.

Copper gutters are often used on older homes with finer architectural details. Classic home restoration often calls for copper gutters to remain true to the original design and construction of the home.

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Aluminum Gutters

Aluminum GuttersAluminum gutters are a great product. They don’t rust, are available in popular colors, can be painted to match other colors and can be shaped quite easily. These rain handling devices have been around for close to 30 years. Prior to the early 60′s gutters were made from galvanized steel. Steel gutters were strong and durable. However, installing them took talent. Joints required solder. Painting them was a challenge. If you didn’t remove the mill oil finish, the paint would rapidly peel. Aluminum gutters offered a breakthrough in technology.

Seamless – A Myth???

Have you been approached by a salesperson telling you the benefits of seamless gutters? They tell you about how seams leak. They say how your leak problems are gone forever. Hogwash! Seamless gutters have all kinds of ‘seams’ – places where leaks can develop. There is a seam at each end of the gutter. There is a seam at each outlet tube. There is a seam every time the gutter turns a corner. All of these places can leak. So, don’t buy a ‘seamless’ gutter just because it supposedly doesn’t leak.

Aluminum Alternative

OK, so now you don’t want seamless gutters. What do you do? Well, how about aluminum gutters that are just like seamless gutters but offer more advantages? Forget about avoiding seams. It is impossible to do, no matter what material you choose to use: steel, copper, tin, or aluminum.

Did you know you can get a traditional aluminum gutter system which looks like a seamless gutter, is stronger than most seamless gutters, and comes in lengths up to 37 feet long? Did you know this same system has an invisible hanger system so you don’t see those ugly spike heads?

Ask us about aluminum gutters for your home today!

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Vinyl Gutters

Vinyl GuttersAn essential component of most roofs, rain gutters come in a number of materials. Vinyl gutters are popular among many homeowners as they are relatively inexpensive and easy to install – even by do-it-yourself enthusiasts. They hold up for years because they aren’t subject to rust or rot from collected debris. Unlike their metal counterparts, they won’t chip or dent either. They usually come in 10-foot sections and are easily cut. Hangers, downspouts, and other components for building your system are also available in vinyl.

Vinyl has been around for over 80 years and is used in numerous everyday products. Depending on the chemistry applied, vinyl can be stiff or flexible and comes in various thicknesses. Durability and weather resistance makes vinyl a good choice for rain gutter systems. Vinyl products are sometimes referred to as polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Before committing to a vinyl rain gutter system, find out if it is appropriate for your climate. Although quite durable, extreme weather conditions will harm vinyl systems. Vinyl expands and contracts depending on the temperature but sometimes cracks in intense cold. Generally speaking however, the flexibility prevents bending or warping.

How Long do Vinyl Gutters Last?

Vinyl gutters last for many years and don’t require extensive maintenance. All rain gutter systems must be kept clear of debris so they won’t clog, but vinyl systems don’t corrode or rot. Before you purchase vinyl rain gutters, carefully read the warranty. It should be for a minimum of 20 years.

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